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San Diego Comic Con – Q&A & Video Materials

Not so long ago we announced that we were planning to record the footage from our Q&A panel that took place at this year’s San Diego Comic Con and release it online. Unfortunately due to some technical difficulties we can’t bring you the recording itself, however we would like to present you with a written transcription of the session. We hope you will enjoy the read. However that’s not all – as a bonus, we would like to share two video materials, the first one is footage from The Witcher panel (minus the gameplay presentation) and a small preview of what’s coming in the next two weeks.

1. Will large monster hunts end in cutscenes like the griffin in the E3 gameplay trailer or was that done in the interest of time?

In the full game you’ll never lose control of the character during combat–it’s always you who delivers the final blow.

2. Can your horse be killed/replaced or is it the same horse throughout the game?

Geralt’s horse is always called “Roach”, you cannot lose it and it cannot die. But, you can tame other horses or steal one by using the Axii sign.

3. Is this the last time we see Geralt in The Witcher game?

We want to finish off with a bang. This is the last part of the legend of Geralt.

4. Why is Geralt holding a torch in the trailer? 

 To see. It’s dark and he doesn’t have the ingredients for the potion that allows him to see in the dark. Simple as that.

5. Will we be able to make our own notes on the map?

As of right now, we can’t. But we always listen to the fans, so when I go back to the office, I will let the team know and maybe we can sort this out. No promises though.

6. Will we (as Geralt), have to choose to love Yennefer or Triss?

It’s like in real life, it’s all about choices and consequences. So, you have to choose wisely because you can end up with the wrong one.7. Why does Geralt have such a slim waist and broad shoulders? Killing monsters keeps you in shape. Depending on the type of armor he is wearing it could be more fitting. I think it’s nice.

8. What I would like to know is how much does the previous game saves influence The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt?

So basically, we have already said and promised it for the PC. For next-gen consoles, we are trying to find a really good way to allow importing. But honestly there is no definite solution in place at this point. We are still working on it and we will try to do the best we can.

9. How many and what kind of armors are going to be in the game?

There will be many types of armors. The biggest difference is you will find some that are witcher specific and they will look way cooler, but they are harder to get. You can also use armors from soldiers and have armors made.

10. Will we be able to buy Geralt’s pendant other than in the collector’s edition?

We are preparing something really cool for the fans. We cannot be specific right now, but we think you will be quite pleased. So, basically yes, but you will have to stay tuned for now.

11. Will the difficulty be as “hardcore” as it was in TW2, or will it be as easy as TW1?

We worked very hard to make the difficulty curve much smoother. Of course, you can always select the difficulty at the beginning. The difficulty curve is something we are still working on and making sure it is polished. We have a whole team for this and have learned a lot from the previous games, so rest assured.

12. How much customization is available to use on geralt? Like hairstyles and facial hair, armor, weapons?

If you find the barber, you might be able to shave that sexy beard off of him. As for the rest, this is Geralt!–we are not going to let you mess around with him too much. Rest assured, the rest is fully customizable (I’m thinking clothing and armor here).

13. Is there any chance we’ll see a trilogy release for the next gen consoles?


14. How is the Xbox One version going to look vs. Ultra on PC?

I think we are quite lucky in terms of developing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt because all three platforms are similar in regards to performance. So, we are developing one game and adjusting that to three platforms and adding special features, but we want to make the best experience for everyone and do not want to scale anything down.

15. When you sever some poor soul’s limb from his/her body, is it randomized, or can you choose to do it?

It’s randomized, but depending on the level you are at, the chances will increase. Based on the type of attack you use, it will dictate whether it is the head or the leg, etc. So, it is randomized, yeah, but with some control.

16. You once said that in The Witcher 3, Geralt refrains from politics and returns to The Witcher’s path, yet in the trailers, we see him meeting Emhyr. Is it only because of Ciri or is Geralt trapped into politics once again?!

We want to give full freedom to the players. Of course this is a personal story, where Geralt is trying to find his loved ones, but, at the same time, if you love the politics of the Witcher world, you can get into that. It’s not mandatory as opposed to The Witcher 2, since that was part of the main story line, but you can get into that if you like.

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