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Season of Love has begun

We have a short but sweet month ahead of us with a special Love Event starting this Friday 11th.

Patchnotes: Link

Seasonal Modes:

Irresistible Attraction – 08.02-15.02

Whenever you play a non-Spying unit, move a random enemy unit with the same power to the opposite side.

Banished – 15.02-22.02

After mulligan Banish both players decks. Whenever a card appears in any deck, banish it.

Double Down – 22.02-01.03

Whenever you play a unit from your hand, play a unit with the same Provision Cost from your deck. Your starting deck is doubled in size at the start of the match.

Patience is a virtue! – 01.03-08.03

At the start of your turn, transform all cards in your hand into random ones that cost 1 provision more

This season is planned to end on March 8th, 10:00 a.m. CET. 

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