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Season of the Bear is coming!

As February draws to a close, so too does the Mahakam Season. This means, a new one is at hand! It is time for Vildkaarls to battle it out for glory — the Season of the Bear begins today!

Let’s briefly talk about the spoils of war for this season. As promised, we’ve decided to adjust the rewards system. Achieving ranks 10, 15 and 20 will continue to get you borders and titles. As for avatars, it’s one per season from this point on and you can obtain it by reaching rank 15. 

Check the table below for more info:

As you can see, Vernon Roche is making a return! Obtaining him proved to be fairly difficult during the course of Season of the Wolf (January), so we’re bringing him back, as requested by the community. 

We are also adjusting the MMR system. Below you can find the MMR per rank split for the Season of the Bear:

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