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Season of the Wolf is here!

Season of the Wolf is here with a brand new seasonal mode! This month whenever a unit appears on the battlefield, damage it by 2, then boost it by 4. If it is a Witcher, boost it by 4 instead. 

Additionally we have made a couple tweaks with Patch 5.0.9:

– Shop menu item was moved to the top of the screen, it is now easily accessible from “Play” screen as well
– Updated rank table: players now lose less ranks at the start of a new season. From ranks 1 to 13 players lose now 2 ranks, from 14 to 23 1 rank, and 0 ranks from 25 to 30. As for Pro Rank players will now lose 3 ranks apart from the top 500 players
– [iOS] Fixed an issue whereby it was not possible to see Friends in the Social Panel. Challenging Friends is once again possible.
– Fixed an issue whereby the Order ability of Barghest could be activated, even if the Dominance requirement was not satisfied
– Fixed an issue whereby Immortals with Shield status re-gained that status every allied turn. As such Thirsty Dame can no longer get boosted for that interaction incorrectly.

The season will last till February 4th at 10AM CET!

Here are the seasonal rewards:

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