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Support charity and win a gigantic statue of Geralt fighting a Noonwraith!

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is one of the biggest charity organizations in Poland. In its 24th Grand Finale, the fundraiser is collecting money to buy medical equipment for pediatric wards and provide high standard medical care for seniors.

This time CD PROJEKT RED supports the effort by donating a gigantic statue of Geralt fighting with a Noonwraith! Click here to watch a short video that we’ve prepared and, if you’re interested in bidding in, head on straight to the auction’s website.

See below for instructions on how to participate and navigate the website, and make sure to read all terms and conditions.


The Noonwraith is a spectral demon known from folk tales and Slavic mythos. According to ancient Eastern European beliefs, the cursed spirits of women who died shortly after their weddings became Noonwraiths – ruthless demons luring their unsuspecting victims with feminine charm, to later violently end their lives. In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the Noonwraith is one of the monsters faced by Geralt as he travels through the vast plains of Velen.

The team at CD PROJEKT RED immortalized the scene of Geralt fighting with the monster in the form of a gigantic, 100 kg statue. Made with unparalleled attention to detail, the statue is over 2 meters in height and, up until now, has been one of the landmarks of the Warsaw studio.

Doesn’t matter if you’ve been collecting “figurines” for a long time, or if this one is the first in your collection, the sheer scale of the sculpture is something inspiring true awe.

CD PROJEKT RED covers the cost of delivery in Poland. The cost of delivery outside of Poland needs to be covered by the winner of the auction.


All of the auctions of “Gifts From Ones Heart” are hosted on – Polish charity auction service.

To participate in the auction, you have to create an Allegro account. It’s easy, and it’ll take only a few minutes.

Go to

Find the link to the registration form (“Register”) in the top-right corner, click it and fill in the form.

1. Enter your email address

2. Enter your password (“Hasło” in Polish).

Your password should contain at least one capital letter, at least one lowercase letter and at least one number. It should contain from 8 to 16 characters.

3. Re-enter your password (“Powtórz hasło” in Polish).

4. Enter your date of birth: day, month, year (“Data urodzenia” in Polish)

5. After completing all the procedures (tickboxes, captcha) and submitting
your account creation form, you should receive a confirmation email on
the address you specified in the form.

Check your email and click the red button with text “Potwierdź adres email” (“confirm your email address”) and you will be redirected to

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