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The Golem – hero presentation

We don’t know much about this ancient creature. Where did he come from? What’s the purpose of his existence? The only thing known for certain is that he is a ruthless killing machine, who can mix physical and magical attacks. His passive skill, Stone Armor, allows him to get into the fray, and he gets more armor and magic resistance the longer he stays in battle.

Summon Gargoyles – Golem’s first skill, as the name suggests, summons a gargoyle which lands on the ground causing damage to all within its radius and slows them down. Then the creature starts to follow the closest enemy, only to explode when it reaches him (or after a few seconds), dealing even more damage.
Stone Pillar – this skill is perfect for controlling opponent’s moves. The Golem strikes the ground with all his might, causing a small tectonic rift, that travels in the pointed direction, pushing enemies to the sides. At the end of the rift a stone pillar erects from the ground, dealing extra damage and further moving enemies to the sides.
Contravention – Golem’s special skill needs to be used carefully. It’s very easy to perform (you just have to tap the button), but choosing the right moment is the greatest challenge. When used, The Golem explodes into pieces which start to rotate really fast, drawing all enemies in the vicinity to the centre. After a short moment, Golem explodes again just to reconstruct himself, damaging the enemies caught, and regaining 40% of his total life.

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