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The Operator – hero presentation

The Operator, a mysterious mage living on the edge of our world, can create small portals, or breaches, leading to… somewhere else. Unlike Philippa Eilhart, who’s a classic burst mage (lots of damage in short time), The Operator is more of a sustained damage dealer. His main ability marks targets, allowing his second skill to detonate them and, thanks to his passive skill, gain some magical shield that will absorb some damage.

Time Breach – the Operator’s main skill, has a very short cooldown, so it can be used frequently, with the only concern being amount of mana left. It should be leveled up first, from the very beginning of the match. Each hit with this spell will leave the target marked (up to three marks can stack up) – you are able to “consume” the marks after using the Operator’s second skill, Collapsing Planes.
Collapsing Planes – this spell works on every marked target in the vicinity of the Operator and it doesn’t need to be targeted in any way. Each enemy in a radius of 30 meters from the mage will get damaged and slowed down. Both effects are bigger depending on the number of marks applied by Time Breach. This skill works in synergy with the Operator’s passive ability – each mark adds another layer of magical shield, that will absorb damage dealt to the mage.
When worlds collide – The Operator’s special skill is a powerful tool, that can change the outcome of the battle if used correctly. The hero creates a black hole that sucks in everybody in its range. All the enemies are damaged depending on the number of characters caught. On the other hand – allies are being healed for 20% of their total health (up to 60% if all the three enemies are under the effect of the spell).

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