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The Witcher 2 Intro: Interactive Data Visualization

Most of you probably remember the spectacular intro for The Enhanced Edition of The Witcher 2. Maybe some of you tried to imagine how complicated it was to create such a jaw-dropping animation. Well, we don’t know what you imagined, but are friends from Platige Image decided to make a graphical version of the making of process.

This is a short description Platige Image provided for their animatic:

Director Tomasz Bagiński’s vision was made real thanks to heroic efforts by a team of artists led by animation director Maciek Jackiewicz. The four-minute animated sequence is the product of nine months of work.

For the first time ever, we present the creative process behind the cinematic with the use of an interactive data visualization.

Dozens of tasks performed daily by a team of over 50 people have been arranged into separate production stages that come together to form a whole.

The interactive chart starts with the animatic, the structure of which dictates the scenes and shots that comprise the film. Each shot, in turn,has been organized by characters and layers, as well as the time and gigabytes of data used in its creation. The information is arranged in a structured hierarchy with marked parent and child categories. This layout makes it possible to compare and explore information at different levels of depth.

We’ve created this chart to show gamers how complex and long-term the animation process is. We’ve depicted the painstaking work behind the production process as an expression of our admiration for the entire team’s efforts in making this this cinematic. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings was definitely worth it. Art directing: Kuba Bogaczyński. Idea: Marcin Kobylecki

More information about data:

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