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The Witcher 3 Official Guides Announced!

Prima Games will publish the official game guides for The Witcher 3. Prima Games’ official guide line-up for The Witcher 3 includes a hardcover collector’s edition guide, a softcover guide version, a comprehensive, mobile-friendly digital guide, and an iBook.

Prima’s official The Witcher 3 guides will be written by veteran guide writer and gaming expert, David SJ Hodgson. Hodgson is known for his best-selling strategy guides for Watch_Dogs, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Fallout 3, and dozens more.
“I am both honored and excited to be writing the official Witcher 3 strategy guide,” says author David Hodgson. “I can promise meticulous attention to detail, copious maps and guidance no matter what gameplay decisions are made, and aim to leave no stone unturned (and no Griffin un-bludgeoned), in my quest to provide a worthy tome for fans of the game and series.”
The Prima guides will feature complete coverage for all main and side quests as well as highly-detailed maps with locations of all points of interest. More details will be released in the days and weeks to come, as well as final artwork for the collector’s edition guide.
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