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The Witcher Battle Arena launches in Canada!

We are excited to announce the Canadian launch of The Witcher Battle Arena, a free to play, truly mobile MOBA experience, based in the universe of the AAA blockbuster franchise–The Witcher.

The Witcher Battle Arena is a fast, fun and accessible MOBA game based in the Witcher universe. Crafted to excel on mobile devices, Battle Arena combines great accessibility and a balanced learning curve with complex tactics and a limitless array of skill-based strategies gamers can deploy during each battle. Designed with fairness in mind, the game features no pay-to-win elements and allows players to unlock every piece of in-game content via gameplay.
The Canadian launch of the game is the next stage of the launch process (the game is also available on iOS in Sweden), with support for other regions coming soon. Visit our Facebook and Twitter for most up-to-date information. The game is currently being released for iPad 3 and above, iPad mini 2 (Retina) and above, and will also work on iPhone 5 and above.

Download the game here.

Watch the newest tutorial video here.

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