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We want to hear your questions!

Welcome to our first official Q&A segment where you can ask questions about our upcoming Cyberpunk title. Just leave your questions in the comments below and we will be back with answers next week. We will close this thread on Monday (July 30th) at 3PM GMT, select 5 questions, and post the answers on Wednesday (August 1st).

Please remember that a lot about this project is still classified and we simply can’t answer every single question you might have, even if we really wanted to, so please keep that in mind. Only one question per person and please try to keep your inquiries relatively short. Also, if your question isn’t picked this time, it still might get answered next time we do the Community Q&A: it might mean that we’re not allowed to talk about what you want to know at this particular moment.

Alright, so let’s begin, shall we?

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