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Wild Card invites for next GWENT Challenger

Dear GWENT Community,
First of all, we would like to thank you for the constant feedback regarding GWENT Masters you’ve been sharing with us — we’re incredibly grateful and we hope this relationship continues to grow as GWENT’s official esports series goes forward. On that note, there’s something we’d like to discuss with you.
The second GWENT Challenger is coming up this December. The event will take place in Poland, where a total of 8 players will compete for Crown Points, pieces of a $100,000 prize pool, the Challenger winner’s ring, and a spot in the GWENT World Masters. You can read all about how tournament participants will be determined here.
Out of the 8 spots, 2 are reserved for Wild Cards — players invited to the tournament by CD PROJEKT RED. After considering a number of options for how to distribute Wild Cards, we arrived at 4 we believe would work best, but would like you, the GWENT community, to make the final choice. Should we:
  1. Organize an online qualifier for the top 200 players of the current Pro Ladder season (ending October 31st) who haven’t yet qualified for the upcoming Challenger?
  2. Give both spots to the players with the most Crown Points who haven’t yet qualified for the upcoming Challenger?
  3. Give both spots to popular streamers or players of CD PROJEKT RED’s choosing?
  4. Give 1 spot to a home ground representative — the highest ranked Polish player from the current Pro Ladder season — and 1 spot to the winner of an online qualifier as described in point 1?
The poll is available here. Voting closes October 7th. Whatever the result ends up being, we’ll go with what you choose. Vote away!

All the best, 
Rafał Jaki 
Esports Lead

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