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Zoltan Chivay – Hero Presentation

Dwarven adventurer and close friend of Geralt of Rivia, Zoltan Chivay is an excellent warrior, who excels at close quarters combat. Zoltan is the perfect initiator, his skills allow him to quickly jump into the fray, as well as vacate battlefield hotspots when the situation becomes too intense. His passive skill allows him to deal 25% more damage to stunned enemies.

Bull Rush is a skill that can be used in various situations. You can employ it both to initiate attacks and to run away from enemies. Zoltan rushes towards the enemies, lifting them up in the air and temporarily disabling them. Bull Rush also does damage, but its main purpose should always be immobilizing enemies, so your team can finish the job. If you want to deal the finishing blow, you can activate Whirling Dwarvish, Zoltan’s main offensive skill. Upon activation, the dwarf begins to spin franticly dealing damage to opponents around him. As it’s an AoE (or Area of Effect) attack, it’s best used when there are multiple enemies around. The skill can be used while Zoltan is moving, so it’s also a good idea to utilize it when entering or escaping combat.
Worth it! is Zoltan’s special skill. It allows him to leap forward and sends a brutal shockwave that deals damage and knocks back enemies caught within it. Use it wisely as it can be a powerful tool capable of inflicting damage upon entire groups of foes.

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