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Bug reporting guide

We appreciate that you want to help us improve the game.

 If you’d like to submit a [bug] report to our Technical Support, please follow this guide:

  1. Send only one report per e-mail, please.
  2. When filling out our support form start your “Short description of the issue” with a title similar to these examples:
    [Bug][Inventory] Cannot use XYZ Potion.
    [Bug][Crash] 10% crash on cutscene dialogue with ABC during XYZ quest
    [Bug][Quest][Blocker] Cannot use a switch in XYZ quest, which blocks progress.
  3. Make sure that the bug is reproducible (that is can be repeated) before sending it. To do it load a gamesave from before the bug occurred and repeat the steps that led you to the bug. If it happened only once and never again, we too won’t be able to find it in our studio. Usually only the bugs that can be reproduced and examined can be fixed. If the bug does re-occur, but only sometimes, you can let us know about that by writing e.g.: Occurrence: 30-50%.
  4. If you’re sure that the bug is there, give us steps to reproduce the issue, so we can check if this bug occurs for us too.
  5. Attach as much evidence as you can – gamesave file (it’s a must!), screenshot, video, dxdiag file etc.
  6. If your report concerns bug in a quest, we need two gamesave files: before and just after the bug occurred. Gamesave files from much later after the bug occurred usually do not provide the necessary information.

Thank you!

An example [bug] report:

[Bug][Quest][Blocker] Cannot use a switch in XYZ quest, which blocks progress.
Occurrence: 40%

[Short description here]

[Steps to reproduce]
– Load gamesave file;
– Follow quest objective;
– Try to use the switch.

Please bear in mind that by using unofficial mods, cheats, or enabling the developer console when playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you increase  the likeliness of the game not working as intended. 
This means that potential bugs, glitches, or even game crashes are much more likely to occur during your playthrough.