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Can’t find French language – Belgium and Switzerland – Xbox One

In order to get French language on Xbox One in Belgium or Switzerland follow these steps:


– Press the “Start” button on the Xbox One controller and select “Settings”

– Go to “Language and Location” and change the “Location” of your Xbox to “France”


This will enable selecting French as your in-game language. However, re-installing the game after the change is necessary. The saves will not be affected.

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Frame rate issues – Xbox One

If you are experiencing frame rate issues or blurs on your Xbox One please send us a support ticket with the answers to the following questions using our contact form:


  1. Does this issue appear in Novigrad/Oxenfurt? Please state the exact place where the frame drop occurs.
  2. Does the frame drop appear right away when you load a save game or does it get worse the more time you spend playing the game? If the latter is true, then please tell us the approximate time the blurs/drops appear.
  3. Do the frame drops occur while travelling around the location, or do they appear during a quest?
  4. Do you use Xbox One’s ‘Instant on’ feature? If yes, could you please turn it off and see if the frame rate is better after a restart of the game?
  5.  Please record some video footage of the issue and send it in the reply to this email (if the file is too big to attach to the report please upload it to a service like YouTube or OneDrive and send the link).