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Low FPS, stuttering, poor performance

If you experience issues with performance in game like low FPS and stuttering:

  1. Make sure that your graphics card meets the minimum requirements of The Witcher 2. Charts like this one (when ordered by 3DMark Graphics Score) or this one for mobility graphics cards  may help you assess that. As compared to newer graphics cards The Witcher 2’s minimum Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTS’s performance in games is comparable to that of GeForce GT 630, and AMD Radeon HD 3850’s performance may be compared to that of Radeon HD 6570.
  2. Make sure that your graphics card’s drivers are up-to-date or at least not older than July 2011. You can download the drivers for Nvidia here, and for Radeon here.
  3. Disable ubersampling in the Launcher’s Options -> Advanced Options.
  4. Make sure that antialiasing and anisotropic filtering are not forced in the graphics card’s control panel. Both these options should be set to application-controlled.