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“Register game” option

“Register game” in the Launcher – disks and digital (excluding Steam)
In January 2014 we launched the new Witcher forums. This change rendered the “Register game” option in The Witcher 2 Launcher obsolete. There is no need to register via the Launcher anymore and it is not possible to do it any more either. An attempt to either “Create an account” or “Log in” via the Launcher will result in an error.

“Register game” in the Launcher on Steam
The game does not have to be registered nor activated to be played. The Product Code available with the game has only one single function – it can be redeemed on giving you access to a backup copy of the game on The “Register game” option in the Steam launcher these days only directs you to CD Projekt Red’s forums so you can create a forum account to participate in the life of the community.

“Register game” in the Launcher – disks – older than Enhanced Edition
“Register game” option in older versions of the game either won’t exist (e.g. in 1.35) or won’t work (e.g. in release version and in 2.0). Still, it has no practical function anymore in the latest version of the game so it doesn’t matter if it’s updated or not.