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Sound stutters / hitches

  1. When the performance in game is very low and the graphics card is struggling for FPS it may affect the sound. So first and foremost, make sure that your graphics card meets the minimum requirements of The Witcher 2. Charts like this one (when ordered by 3DMark Graphics Score) or this one for mobility graphics cards  may help you assess that.As compared to newer graphics cards The Witcher 2’s minimum Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTS’s performance in games is comparable to that of GeForce GT 630, and AMD Radeon HD 3850’s performance may be compared to that of Radeon HD 6570.
  2. Make sure that your sound card drivers are up-to-date.
  3. Only for Windows XP: Try changing the Sound Acceleration settings with the use of DirectX tool. Go to Start -> Run, type dxdiag in and confirm with Ok (Enter). In the Sound tab move the slider to the left (to reduce acceleration) or to the right (to switch to full Hardware Sound Acceleration). Finally close dxdiag.

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How to create a DxDiag report

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DxDiag might help you in:

  1. Checking your system hardware or software info e.g. what graphics card you have, whether your Windows is 64-bit etc.
  2. Creating a report, which will help Customer Support pinpoint the source of the issue you are experiencing and allowing them to reply to you faster.
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