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Where to find the game code?

Please remember that DRM was removed from The Witcher 2 and the game does not require registration. If an older boxed version of the game asks for the activation code during the installation you can just ignore the request and press OK. Automatic download of a patch should start then.

The game code (aka Product Activation Code / CD key / secuROM) is now only used to redeem the backup copy of the game:

Where to find it?

  1. The game code (Product Activation Code) for boxed versions of the game is located on the back of your User Manual.
  2. The 2.0 version had no game codes provided (it was released post-DRM-removal and pre-gog backup introduction).
  3. On Steam the game code can be found after right-clicking the game in Steam Library and selecting “View CD Key”.
  4. Mac Appstore version does not come with game codes.
  5. version does not come with game codes. However, as there is no need for a “backup” of the game on the same service, there is no use whatsoever for game codes on
  6. Many other digital distribution vendors don’t add game codes to the game.

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