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Meet the participants of the upcoming GWENT Open!

Tune in to our Twitch channel on November 18-19th at 4PM CET to watch top GWENT players compete for a piece of the $25,000 prize pool and two tickets for the next GWENT Challenger, taking place in December in Poland.

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Top 200 of the first Pro Ladder season!

The first Pro Ladder season has ended. We’d like to thank everyone for participating and congratulate on your achievements. Especially the Top 200 of the Pro Ladder, who will be awarded Crown Points and the possibility to join qualifiers determining who will join the lineup of the upcoming GWENT Challenger to be held in Poland.

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Join us for Saovine: Holiday of the Dead

Elven tradition holds on Saovine’s eve the dead crawl out of their graves and demand food. The Toussaintais do not believe in such superstitions – yet this year, they were about to see the legends contain a grain of truth…