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Monday DLC give-away

We know that Mondays can be pretty harsh… To help you get through this rough, first day of the week we’ve prepared some DLC codes that can be redeemed via Xbox Live Marketplace.

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A long, hot summer

A long hot summer usually means that it’s time to stop playing games and go outside, right? Wrong! A long hot summer means that it’s time to take advantage of some sweet deals taking place during the Steam Summer Sale and fire up your Steam copy of “The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings” because we’ve prepared something special for everyone who’s bought the game on that platform.


4M Witcher games sold worldwide on PC, Xbox 360 and Mac

We are pleased to announce that The Witcher franchise has sold over 4 million copies of both games. The first installment of the series is available for PC and Mac. “The Witcher 2” can be experienced by PC and Xbox 360 users and will hit Mac computers in the future.

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CD Projekt RED is recruiting!

CD Projekt RED is recruiting! We are looking for talented and passionate individuals to join our team in order to help us craft new, amazing projects.


Fan-made Dice poker set

One of our fans has sent us pictures of the dice poker set he recently crafted. Although this is only a replica of what you can see in the first Witcher game, we have to admit that its resemblance is spot on and it looks like it’s been taken straight out of The Witcher.


Get your free back-up copy of The Witcher games on

While the download backup program will run for the foreseeable future, all PC gamers who already own The Witcher and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings only have 10 days remaining to claim free digital back-up copy from if they do not have their activation key.

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