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Faction Challenge is back and all new!

Choose your faction, complete quests, and earn rewards — Faction Challenge returns and this time around it’s all out war! Each of the 5 factions is fighting for the win, and it’s your efforts that will help decide the outcome!


[UPDATED] Changes to GWENT’s economy and full mill value refund policy

When designing GWENT’s economy, our principles were fairness and simplicity. We also always understood that generosity goes a long way. This will never change. However, we made some calls along the way which resulted in our economy slowly shifting toward directions that are not favourable for the players — most notably those who put a lot of time and effort into completing their collections of normal and (especially) premium cards.

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Let’s play Mimic!

Mimic – a special arena mode in which you play with your opponent’s deck instead of your own, has returned!


Bonus XP Days

Holiday season is here, and it’s the perfect time to level up your accounts and gain those sweet prestige bonuses!

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