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Are you ready for a new Challenge?

The battle is about to begin. On one side: proud forces of Northern Realms. On the other: powerful Nilfgaardian Empire. Who will emerge victorious? Choose your side!

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Scanning archives…

It’s been over 2077 days since we released a CGI trailer, and you’ve probably watched it more times than you can count… no? Wait, what do you mean “you’ve never seen it before”…?!

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Arena in Full Spectrum!

Why limit yourself to a single color? In the new Special Arena mode, each set you choose from will consist of cards with varying rarities.

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Tournament Strategy: The Secret Art of Ban Baiting

You don’t need me to tell you that playing GWENT on the ranked ladder is a different experience to competing in a tournament. While laddering, winning as many games as possible is your main objective. It’s for this reason that most meta decks include almost no cards that are situational.

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