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  • Creating high quality animation assets with low turnover time.
  • Reporting animation wip’s and doubts to the Animation Lead.
  • Solving everyday problems.
  • Preparation of keyframe animation assets.
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Art Tools Programmer

  • Design, develop and support scripts, plugins and tools to create efficient and production friendly art pipline.
  • Work with Character and Environment Art teams in closely to assess areas of need for tools.
  • Debug, update and maintain current and future tools.
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Audio Programmer

  • Designing and developing novel audio systems for the Red Engine such as acoustic simulation, localisation and dialogue, and audio AI.
  • Maintaining and improving existing systems to ensure performance and functionality.
  • Supporting the sound designers in implementing audio.
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Audio Tools Programmer

  • Developing custom tools for our audio engine and systems, covering areas such as localization, dynamic mixing and audio AI.
  • Working with the Sound Designers to get the best out of the wise authoring tool and pipeline.
  • Supporting the integration of sound into our in-house editor.
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Cinematic Designer

  • Create compelling interactive dialogue sequences with excellent directing, cinematography, editing and pacing.
  • Create a specific mood for interactive dialogues by using proper editing and cinematography techniques.
  • Communicate with Writers and Quest Designers to improve readability of visual storytelling and quest flow.
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Concept Artist

  • Creating high quality concept arts to be used as a direct reference for character and environment artists.
  • Attending reviews, taking feedback and iterating on concepts if needed.
  • Collaborating closely with the Design, Art Directors, sub-team Leads and getting artistic direction as well as support from them.
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Cultural Consultant

  • Responsible for cultural editing of the game world and narrative designs on all levels.
  • Working closely with the Story, Quest and Localization teams to catch cultural misconceptions and errors.
  • Providing various references to the melting pot that is American culture (California in particular) to be used in game design, implementation and dialogue writing.
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Design Director

  • Directing the game design including Gameplay, Level Design, Quest or Mission Design & Story Design.
  • Roadmap planning, sprint planning, sprint reviews, milestone reviews.
  • Cooperating with Warsaw Design Directors and the Game Director to insure design consistency across studios.
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