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Challenger #3 – Day 1 recap

Day one of GWENT Challenger #3 is now in the books, and what a day it was. We saw the four quarter-final best-of-five matches played out in the “Wieliczka Salt” Mine in Poland.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Deck Archetypes

GWENT Challenger is just around the corner — this weekend, April 28th and 29th, eight best GWENT players from around the world will compete for the lion’s share of a $100,000 prize pool! 


New Season is now live!

The wind is still. Elves are now resting in the Blue Mountains. But a new challenge is about to begin – the Season of Viper has started!


GWENT Masters Hall of Fame: 5 Memorable Moments So Far

Collectors of Gwenty-cards, lend me your ears. GWENT Challenger #3 is officially only two weeks away. That’s right, it won’t be much longer before eight of the best players battle it out in the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Now is the perfect time to look back at some memorable moments from the GWENT Masters series. 

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